Welcome to Dare to Discover Life!

This is a lifestyle blog about mothers living their lives. We want to provide loving care placed to share our stories and help bring other people up. There is so much negativity in the world and the world needs more inspirational peopled to help spreads joy and love onto the world. This blog is intended for anyone that’s looking for an inspirational to help lift them up instead go of being put down. As well parent of kids with Autism or children with a heart defect as this is very personal to us. We also have a section for poetry lovers for anyone who loves poetry!! The poetry section you will see different dates on when they are published because some of them will be backdated to when they originally wrote. We will also be focusing on health and wellness if anyone looking for tips this will be the place for you! We hope when you read our blog that we can help you inspire people and to push people to follow their dreams.

Some of the topics you can expect to see just to name a few:

  • Mothers Tips
  • Health and Wellness
  • Our It works Journey
  • Our Journey With Bain
  • Recipes / Cooking

We have credibility because we have a passion for words, empathy and caring nature. We take deep thought and ponder on what we will say before we say it, and down to earth views. We try to think outside the box when it comes to judging people. We try to put ourselves in other people’s shoes to be able to understand them. If people listen to use you will realize we just love humility!

Personal Bio’s


Meet Marie

My name is Marie. This blog idea started being developed back in March of 2017 when I started posting blog posts on my Jmbwebdesigner.com website. With much changing that happen this past year in learning and discovering myself has really put things into reality and want to make dreams come true. I am now on a mission to widen my horizon and want to help encourage others in many forms. My son Bain has Autism and my daughter Emmajane was born with heart defects. That in itself has been a long difficult road. I have my bachelors degree in Web Design and Development. I started my It Works journey back on September 24th, 2017. Getting to this point in my life was a long road of discovery and it took pushing past comfort zones, lots of up and downs that this life loves to throw at you. I am excited to share this journey of life and get to help others along the way. My main goal is to help other Dare to Discover Life through all its ups and downs and come out to help others to follow their dreams!!


Meet Earon

         Hi, My name is Earon Mattingly. I am stay home mom for my 8-month-old son and my 2 step-children it’s been a challenge caring for all my children with their big personalities. I take pride in being a mom because it took years, plus a loss to become a mom. I have made hard decisions. No woman should make. It’s been bittersweet you can say. I have an associate degree in medical office support. I am starting this blog with my friend Marie or as I know her as Nita called Dare to Discover Life because no matter what is in way of life. You have a voice and choices to live beyond your potential. My challenges and overcoming is proof. That anything is possible you. You just have discover you and your dreams.