We’re expecting baby number 4!

Oh boy (or girl) here we go again…We’re expecting baby number 4! I can’t believe it this will be my fourth child!  I wanted to be able to share this journey with my readers as this will be something new that I never done with my other pregnancy. Let’s shake things up.  I am excited to share my pregnancy journey with you. These next 9 months is going to full of ups and downs. Trust me I already not looking forward to the pregnancy discomforts but the end results will be worth when I get to hold my 4th baby in my arms.

A few weeks back called 90 day challenge about my weight loss journey using the products I love so much. As fate would have it I ended up pregnant with our next child! So then my weight loss journey going to be on pause because of the pregnancy. I am still planning on be healthier this pregnancy and continue using some of the products I love. Like our greens, probiotics and eventually our stretch mark cream to get my personals using the stretch mark cream!

How I found out we’re expecting baby number 4!

On Thursday April 25, 2019 when I found out we’re expecting baby number 4! What I thought was just a normal day. Tyler went out to pay a bill for his truck. While, he was out in town he stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things we needed for supper that night. He decided to bring home some Mikes hard lemonade that night for us. Which is something we do few times a year. Here is the twist he also bought a pregnancy test for me to use before I drunk anything.

This was his first time ever buying a pregnancy test. Anyway he came home and handed me the test. He told me go take a test before I drink any of the Mikes hard lemonade. So after a few minutes after talking, I agree to go take the pregnancy test. I was thinking there was no way that the test was going to be positive. Boy was I wrong. I had walked off to get Rose out of something. Since she is a typical 2 year old in to everything.

Tyler said “Nita come look at what the test said”. I like “okay” and walked over to where he was in the kitchen and it said pregnant I couldn’t believe my eyes! My period was not due until Sunday so I haven’t even missed my period yet and already got a positive pregnancy test. Tyler was over the moon excited as well as I was because this was a real surprise.

Bigger home

We was in that in between of trying to have another baby and not trying. Tyler sister was giving us trouble and she the reason behind us moving out of our current home. Thankfully everything has been working out and we have already moved into our new home and just in time because we needed the bigger home after finding out we’re expecting baby number 4! Things have a way of working out in when you least expect it. Our old home is only a 2 bedroom and we already have 3 kids in one room. There are alot of things that needs to be fixed in our old place. You can read more about what the current condition of our home is here.

We are very excited about this pregnancy! This will be our last pregnancy fingers crossed! I plan on sharing with you my symptoms and how everything is going this pregnancy so far. Right now I currently 11 weeks pregnant now and decided it was time to get this post out there to share with everyone! Stay tune for my first trimester symptoms post!

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