Do You Believe in Ghost?

Do You Believe in Ghost?

Some people believe in ghost and other people do not. With Halloween right around the corner lets do a topic that can really go either way. Especially when not everyone believes in ghosts. I am going to tell you about my opinion if I believe in ghost.

I believe

Basically going to make this simple. I do believe there are ghost. The reason is I believe that there are spirits that watches over us. Ever since I lost my mom I feel like she is always watching over me. Every time something unexplainable happens around the house we always like my mom is at it again.

The unexplainable

When I talk about unexplainable things happening I talking about doesn’t make sense stuff. Like one time my fiancé diet mt dew was firmly on the table no where close to the edge of the table and it just spilling over onto the floor with no one around the table to knock it off. This had happened right in front of my eyes.  Afterwards Tyler and I joked that my mom did not want Tyler to have his soda that he should have gotten a Pepsi. Pepsi was my mom favorite drink.

My daughter

There was also a time when my 6 year daughter was saying she was missing her grandma. I asked her which grandma and she pointed to a picture of my mom. My daughter never met my mother since she past away when I was still a kid myself.  Then a few days later Emmajane started saying her grandma has a pink truck that she lives in. My mouth just dropped because I have never talked much about my mom in front of the kids. I never have mention that my mom used to drive a pink semi truck. That my mom and I named Pink Ranger.

As a Kid

Anytime I felt alone or scared. It always seemed like I had someone watching over me. There was always a sense of peace when I was scared. Basically it felt like my mom was giving me a hug.  As I have gotten older anytime I feel lost and not knowing what I wanted. My mom seems to guide me in the direction I need to go in.

Bringing me to back to Tyler

I honestly think it was my mom doing that brought Tyler and I back together. Tyler one day was feeling lonely and he came a crossed the picture of me and my mom and he had a strong urge that he needed to reach out to me and see if I was okay. Two hours later I replied to him and told him no everything was not okay. I had just found out that Emmjane heart surgery got moved up and I had no one to watch Bain so Bain would not missed school. Out of nowhere Tyler said if he was closer he would watch Bain for me.  Consequently that’s where Tyler and mine relationship got restarted after divorcing my ex.

Lastly its safe to say I am one of those people that believes in ghosts or spirits or however you look at it. I know for a fact my mom watches over me and my kids. So yes I believe in ghost and nothing is going to stop me from believing in ghosts.

So do you believe in ghosts? Comment below and share your stories with me!

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