Gestational diabetes update

Gestational diabetes update

Firstly with this being my 4th pregnancy and never having any issues with my sugar levels in any of my previous pregnancy. It was a shock to learn that this go around I have gestational diabetics.  Following learning the news of having was a complete shocker I was so upset.   Today I would like to share what the past few weeks has been like for me with my Gestational diabetes update !

Gestational diabetes update

Being diagnose

As I am learning to cope with the diagnoses of having gestational diabetes this pregnancy. The first day of find out I went through a lot of emotions. Fear, denial, overwhelmed, a sense of failure. All those things was running through my mind. Learning you have Gestational  diabetics is a new experience.

First week

Certainly the first week was the worst! The first time testing my blood sugar it took me 10 minutes to get up the nerve to poke my finger for the first time. The first week testing my sugars was a real eye opener seeing how high my sugars was! Like my highest sugar reading was over 200!!  I was in tears. I thought I was eating healthy! With eating meat and vegetables with my meals and my sugar was that high! I like I eating protein and vegetables but my sugars are that high.

Meeting with nutritionist

Afterwards talking with a nutritionist she explained to me about portions control and I learned that the vegetables I was eating was stretchy vegetables. Learning all what I learn was a real eye opener for me. So the first week on the new diet was hard! I talking about I stayed hungry all the time! Basically I cried when just eating peas raised my sugar up! I cried because I was hungry and just wanted to eat something that would not bring my sugar up sky high. 

The second week

The second week of the new diet was much better! I managed to get my sugar levels down within normal ranges on most days. Talking with my doctor I am now diet control with my diabetics! That was a huge relief for me! I did not want to be put on meds to control my sugar. I am measuring 2 weeks ahead so I am measuring 33 weeks and I am only 31 weeks as of today.  The baby is already head down.


With my doctor permission my doctor he allowed me to take my favorite itworks product called ThermofightX. It is all natural and it has Chromium in that is know to help regulate blood sugar level. I am taking it with close care with my doctor looking over everything. With any product its best to consult your doctor when you have different health issues. I was taking ThermofightX before I was pregnant to help me lose weight and boost my metabolism. 

This is my absolutely favorite product, I love this product! I believe it has help my sugar levels with my diet changed! It’s not a magical pill I just take it and it helps lower my sugar. It takes a lot of work on my part as well. I would always rather to be on something all natural before being put on prescribe meds by the doctor. My doctor understands where I come from and why he has allowed me to take it while pregnant.

Weight Loss

Since changing my diet and correcting my portions on my food. I have lost a total of 6lbs in like two weeks. I was very shock to find out I was losing weight while pregnant! With me losing those 6lbs I am now under my pre pregnancy weight! As always I asked my doctor should I be concern with losing this much weight while I am pregnant. She told me it is normal when starting the gestational diabetic diet to see weight loss. That she is not concern the baby is growing and that’s all that matters!

How being diagnosed with gestational diabetics has relaunched my Itworks!

While being diagnosed with gestational diabetics was an eye opener.  When my own health was put to the test and realizing how important my own health and wellness it was life changing.  I realized that my own health is important. That while I am working on my own health I can work with other people to take charge of their own health! You can read my Starting over! ItWorks relaunched!

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