How to avoid getting sick in the fall

How to avoid getting sick in the fall
How to avoid getting sick in the fall

The changes of the seasons means from summer to fall means flu season is around the corner.  When the weather changes so much means a lot of people get sick. No one likes to get sick. Most people avoid it if they can. I would like to share some of my tips on how to avoid getting sick in the fall. 

I have always been one to get very sick every fall and winter time like clock work. My mine thing is getting a really sore throat and ear infections as a kid. Even as an adult I still get sick a lot during the fall time. But over the years I started finding tips and tricks that helps me avoid getting sick in the fall as much as I use to.


The first tip would be to get Itworks greens!! It has boosted my immune system over the year and half I been taking it consistently! It has been lifesaver and my immune system because it has given me what I needed in my body!


The second is another product from Itworks is Immunity. A little tablet has the ingredients known to help shorten the length of colds! That’s the Elder Berry and the multi gold mushroom in a tablet. Stick it in a glass of water and watch it melt and all you do is drink it! It taste amazing! Last winter it helped me so I would take it at the first sign of a possible sore throat and it would take care of the problem. Basically it took care of everything before it turned into a full blown sore throat!

So my main two products that helps boost your immune system. Immunity and greens are my go to products! Its how I avoid getting sick in the fall and winter.

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