I did it! End of Blogtober

I did it! End of Blogtober
I did it

Can you believe it’s the last day of October already! Where did this month go! This month has been a crazy world wind of emotions and keeping up with the Blogtober. Can you believe today is the last day of Blogtober! 

Which means I officially completed Blogtober I did it! Not to mention today is Halloween. So a quick Happy Birthday to my mother Kathern Jane may she rest in peace. 

Earlier this month

As mentioned earlier during this month in Blogtober I lost my mom at a young age so Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. Overall Halloween is a great way my kids can have fun and spend time with their family in ways I didn’t get as a kid. Here are some cute photos of the kids this Halloween! 

My experience 

 This month experience with doing a blog post everyday for the month of October has been very challenging! Basically it has required a lot of planning ahead and some days writing two to three posts in one day depending on the weeks schedule between lots of doctor appointments! Planning ahead has been a lifesaver to being able to complete Blogtober! 

What I have learn

Throughout this month I learn that I can push out possible 3 to 4 blog posts written in a single day! Which is awesome because this means I could literally get a whole month blog post up in one day.  If i would push out one blog post per week each month! I have personally struggled with when to post and how often to post. This month has shown that anything is possible with some planning ahead and really thinking some things out! 

Earlier last month I was struggling with trying to figure out how to balance my personal life responsibilities and working towards my goals with blogging and Itworks. Basically learning I could literally write a whole month of content in one day to be able to publish one post per week for the month and preschedule it out would save me a lot of time. I then could focus on Itworks daily tasks list and still be able to balance everything and my blog at the same time! 

I did it!

Overall I have really enjoyed this experience with Blogtober! I officially completed Blogtober I did it! Publishing one blog post per day for the whole month!

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