Starting Over! Itworks Relaunch!

Starting Over! Itworks Relaunch!
Starting Over! Itworks Relaunch!

Know who you are.
Know what you want
Know what you deserve
And don’t settle for Less

I took a break from Itworks to rediscover who I was outside of being the Itworks girl! Basically I have learned as much as I love blogging I still very much the same Itworks girl! I am starting over! Itworks Relaunch!

Who I am

I know now who I am! I am a blogger, Itworks girl , a mom to 3 children and 1 more coming within the next 10 weeks or less! My guess is less with my history I thinking she can come as early as this month! I have gestational diabetics and I learn now more than ever that being healthy and keeping my sugar levels under control is important to me.

What I want

I know I want to continue growing my blog but start focusing more on things I learn on getting healthier since having gestational diabetics. My life is pushing me back to health and wellness through my own health challenges! I love being a Itworks Girl and what I learn the past couple weeks through my own health makes me even more focus on wanting to help other people with their health goals while working on mine at the same time!

Deserve Better

I know I deserve better. There been many challenges since stopping Itworks. Mostly because of the lack of money coming in. I know if I want to change I got to put in the work! Meanwhile I deserve better for myself, my kids, and my family! I deserve so much more!

No settling for less

I know no longer going to settle for less! Its time to work hard and say no more! No More excuses!

So Here is to No Excuses November! Even if this baby comes early as this month! Starting Over! Itworks Relaunch time!

Be sure to check out my post on How to avoid getting sick this fall! Where I talk about 2 of my favorite products that has helped me!

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