Website Resources

Dare to Discover Life would not be here today without these incredible resources that helps us create this site for you! Take a look at some wonderful companies that we owe everything to!

Web Hosting

GoDaddy has been my go to for all website domain purchases and web hosting provider. Marie been using GoDaddy since about 2011. After all these years it has been a great pleasure to have a company that I have not had no issues with after all this time, and have been very reliable!! We are very thankful to have them as our web hosting provider!

Email Marketing

The next valuable recourse I used is Constant Contact for my email marketing provided. They are really simple and if any time you need help they are there for you and they are super friendly. You can try them out for free for 60 days!! How great is that you can try it before you even chose them as your provider for your email marketing part of your blog or business you are setting up. You should check out my How to grow your email list in 5 simple tips post for ideas on how to grow your email list.

Dare To Discover Life earns a commission when you purchase after clicking on the referral links on this page. We’ve hand-picked this services because they are easy to use, reliable, and inexpensive relative to other comparable options.