What does Halloween mean to you.

What does Halloween mean to you.
What does Halloween mean to you

When it comes down to what Halloween means to you? Is it about the candy, the costumes. There are many things that it could mean to many people. Some people thinks it means nothing and it’s just another day. The christians thinks that it’s a day of the devil and therefore do not celebrate it.

What does Halloween mean to you?

For many people it is a means to get a lot of free candy and dress up and get drunk if they are old enough. The partying to just let loose and have fun.

I took this question to my followers. Basically I get it’s mainly about the candy and the costumes. There wasn’t too much response on the question. Then it got me to thinking does anyone really stop and think what it means to them.

For myself its will always be a reminder of my mother’s birthday. Therefore it will always be a sad day for me. Therefore I do my best to make it fun for my kids to give my kids good memories of it

Share with me what does Halloween mean to you.

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