What helps calm me down when I am anxious

What helps calm me down when I am anxious
 What helps calm me down when I am anxious

We all at some time or another feel very anxious and we look for ways to calm down. This is not always the easiest thing to do! Especially when our brains are such a mess we are not sure what to do our how. Today however I would like to share some tips that has personally what helps calm me down when I am anxious!

Calming visualization

One thing that I have found that’s has helped me is visualize myself in a calming environment free of the stress or worry.  Visualizing is a powerful tool to many things.  It’s a powerful tool to help with visualize your dreams as well. Using this tool to help you get your brain from stopping the feeling of being anxious is a great tool to have. I will admit it takes work but with time and practice it can be very great tool to have!


One of my go to natural products that is non habit forming and it being all natural is Confianza! You can buy confianza here! Within taking two pills within minutes I am feeling more calmer and relaxed! The feeling on being anxious is slowly getting under control! My doctor had me on prescribed meds for anxiety but I knew I didn’t want to depend on the meds. So I found a natural way around and with my doctor help I was able to go off the meds to fully on confianza! I don’t take it every day just days I feel like I really need it. It still works just as great!

These are my two main ways what helps calm me down when I am anxious. Between visualizing and confianza these are my go to!

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