What makes you feel confident

What makes you feel confident
What makes you feel confident

When it comes down to wanting to feel confident about yourself, sometimes you need to sit down and figure out what makes you feel confident.  There are times where you might not feel like you are confident in yourself. This can be especially hard when you are a shy person and need that extra help in being able to feel confident in yourself.

This post is for all those people like me that can be extra shy and needs that confidence boost on different ways that will build up your confidence. So let’s dig in and get started

Get Dressed

One way to feel confident is to just get up and get dressed. You can’t sit around in you pjs all the time. There is something very satisfying in just the simple act of getting dress. Just imagine getting a new outfit just because you have lost weight and you feel like a confident boost come over you.  Since you lost weight you are now in a smaller size for example. Another way not related to weight loss is just mixing up your outfits to find a new style anything that makes you look and feel more confident about yourself.

Make a change

Furthermore another way to start feeling more confident in yourself is getting your mind in the right state to make a change to feel more confident in yourself. Your mind being in the right mindset is a key way to make a change in starting to see yourself as a confident person. This tip is not the easiest step to complete, I know from experience. To change one mindset on how they see themselves and if they feel more confident in themselves.

Set small goals

Also you can set small goals and start working your way towards completing those small goals. Afterwards as you complete each small goal. You feel more accomplished and in turn you start feeling more confident in being able to slowly able to complete bigger goals you never thought imaginable. As you start completing more and more goals your confidence will rise!

Especially these three small tips to get started and just slowly build yourself up. You can’t expect it to happen overnight but slowly with lots of work and time you can build up your confidence!

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