What’s my least favorite time of day

What’s my least favorite time of day
What's my least favorite time of day

We all have a time of day that is not our favorite time of day. Some people are night people and some people are morning people. My least favorite time of day is in the morning because I am more of a in between morning and night person. I am a middle of the afternoon person.

Additionally morning time I struggle with waking up and just feeling productive. I have never been much of a morning person. I hate waking up at 5am and not feeling awake. Basically I get up that early to get my older two kids off to school and in those two hours getting them ready and off to school. I am dead to the world. I am barley functioning. Afterwards I go back to bed because I am not ready to be up that early.

So it is safe to say my least favorite time of day is morning times. I hate mornings with a passion. Especially right now with being 8 months pregnant almost. Each day that goes by I hate morning time more and more.

For the most part I deal with it and get things done. What I need to for the kids in the morning but this mommy is not fully functioning until the afternoon.

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