Why do I blog about mental health?

Why do I blog about mental health?

Before we jump into the post for today! I would like to welcome our very first guest post to DARE TO DISCOVER LIFE! I met Chloe on Twitter and I really enjoyed her blog and we got to talking and decided to guest post on each other blog. I talk a little bit about my journey this past year when I realized about my general anxiety and how my journey has went on her blog. Click here to read my post on her blog. Any way lets jump into Chloe post!

Guest Post Chloe Chats

Hey everyone, my name is Chloe and I blog over at Chloe Chats! Marie has kindly invited me onto her blog, so I thought I’d talk about blogging and how it has helped my mental health. I wrote about this topic on my blog and quite a few bloggers could relate to it, so you might have a similar view on it. 

Why do I blog about mental health? 

First of all, I wanted to give you a bit of background to why I blog and why I decided to run a mental health and well being blog. I started my mental health blog in 2018 and decided to share my story to the world. I had my blog previous to that, but it was more of a lifestyle blog and something I posted on every so often whilst I was at university. At the end of 2017 and through 4 or so months of 2018 I struggled with my mental health which resulted in making myself physically ill. Through the support of friends and family I manage to get out of the negative spiral I was stuck in and starting this blog and sharing my story was a part of that journey. I have found writing for my blog to be extremely therapeutic and it gave me a purpose, it is a hobby that I enjoy doing and helps to make me feel happy, positive, confident and it’s something that I am proud of. I also wanted to talk about my mental health story because I wanted others to know that they aren’t alone, and there’s support out there.

How blogging has helped my mental health: 

As I mentioned before, starting my blog has been very helpful to me. It’s a space where I can write about something that might be bothering me and I can get it all out into words in front of me. I often find when something is on my mind and causing me to stress or worry, writing it into a notebook or on my blog can help me – it’s a little like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. I guess it’s similar to talking to someone about how you’re feeling, instead of keeping it bottled up inside of you. 

#1 Allows me to put all my worries in one place ~ Of course, I don’t write about everything that might be causing me stress on my blog to then share publicly. However, I do sometimes use my blog as an online notebook where I can write down the things that are bothering me. The great thing about it is that I can choose whether or not I want to share it. I also find as well that when you write down what it is that’s causing you to worry or stress, you can then start writing down the solutions next to it, expanding on the worries, what is it in particular that’s causing you to feel upset and how can you go about changing that. This can also be something that’s done in a notebook, might be easier sometimes especially if you’re out and about and maybe you carry a little notebook round with you. For me, I find it easier to deal with things if they are broken up into little things in front of me. Also, that way if you go along and action/remove the smaller steps it can make you feel better as it’s one step closer to removing that worry altogether. 

#2 Helps me to understand mental health ~ I’ll go back to me as the example again for this one. When I was trying to get better when I was at my lowest last year my friend sent me a few self-help books where I read about anxiety and panic attacks. This helped me a lot, because in reality I knew nothing about it, I just knew that I suffered with both and I didn’t know why or how it happens. So, with that in mind I read about it, I learnt about anxiety and what causes it, I learnt about panic attacks and how they happen, and a lot of things suddenly made sense. At one point I had a lot of things going on with me, I was physically ill to the point I couldn’t walk by myself because I was so weak, I couldn’t eat anything, I experienced heart palpitations, panic attacks, every part of me was extremely run down and at the time I thought it was all different things that were wrong with me – I soon learnt that it was my anxiety causing it all. 

So, with that in mind, when I started my mental health blog I wanted to include a learning factor to it. I wanted to make sure people would read a post and learn from it. I feel like if we all had a better understanding of these things, we would find it helpful in certain situations, maybe a loved one suffers from a mental health issue and you want to be able to understand it. When writing some of my blog posts I do a lot of research into it because I want to make sure I have a good understanding of it and even if it’s something I suffer from myself, doesn’t mean I totally understand it without researching it. 

#3 Blogging has helped give me a purpose and brought out my creativeness ~ I’ve always been a creative person but never really gone into a creative career. I’ve always been really interested in writing, when I was younger I used to write so many stories and now I use my blog to use my creativeness. I can design my blog to however I would like it to be, I can write blog posts on topics I’m passionate about, and it gives me the platform to show others what I’m good at. Blogging gives me a purpose also, of course, I’m not a hundred percent relying on my blog to keep me feeling well mentally, but it helps, it’s something that keeps me going because I enjoy it. This could be linked to anyone who has a hobby they enjoy, you might be in a job at the moment that you’re not enjoying but a few times a week you get to take up your hobby and you find it really enjoyable and makes you feel happy. For me as well, because I’m a quiet and shy person blogging has given me more confidence to speak out and show others that I do have a voice. The boost of confidence I have had since starting my blog is amazing, I remember sharing my story on this blog in April 2018 and I shared it publicly on my personal Facebook as well and I was absolutely terrified. I was terrified because everyone that I knew in my life was going to see my story and read about what I was going through, and it was scary. I’ve always been the quiet girl, so knowing that all these people that have always seen me as that would now be reading this massive blog post about a private part of my life was scary. But, I did it, I shared it. 

#4 Has made me feel a part of something ~ Since starting my blog I have come across the blogging community who have helped me more than they could possibly imagine. I’ve had a few periods in my life where I have felt absolutely on my own, but there were other bloggers who were there to talk to me and that helped me a lot. Last year I moved out of my hometown and into a city with my boyfriend, I knew nobody apart from him. My boyfriend had already worked in the city for a year or so, so he already had friends and work colleagues that he knew, whereas I moved away from my family and friends and started a completely new job. July last year I was feeling very alone but being a part of the blogging community, knowing that I had online friends that would talk to me on Twitter made me feel so much better. Even the little things of Tweeting when I was having a bad day and the response and interaction I got from the community was so sweet and encouraging. 

I have also come across other mental health bloggers who share their experiences, and even reading other blog niches from others is always so interesting and enjoyable. 

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, let us know if you feel blogging has impacted you positively also? 

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  1. Thank you so much for letting me guest post on your blog! It’s always a lot of fun sharing our stories and why we do these things ❤️ Blogging is very special to me, and it’s lovely being apart of the blogging community!

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